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Who We Are

Our mission is to connect Texas Contractors, increase safety and advocate our common issues in Austin.

NUCA is the only trade association dedicated solely to the utility and excavation construction industry. NUCA Texas offers our members the opportunity to build relationships, create unique business opportunities, stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, and participate in shaping industry-related legislation.

We welcome prospective members at events throughout the year.

Who We Are: About Us

Our History

Dating back to the 1970s, NUCA's roots in Texas are strong. In 2016, Texas re-chartered at the NUCA National Convention to stand independent from "Heavy Highway." Previous at-large National members, as well as North Texas members, automatically became members of NUCA Texas when they re-invested in NUCA for 2016. Today the Texas Chapter represents the interests of over 100 member companies on a spectrum of issues which matter most to the underground utility and excavation industry.

NUCA National, founded in 1964, is the nationwide network of state/regional Chapters and member companies representing utility contractors, excavators, suppliers, manufacturers, and other providers in the water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, treatment plant, and excavation industries. NUCA has been the driving force behind improving conditions in the utility construction and excavation industry for over 50 years. Supporting both open-cut and trenchless contractors, NUCA continues to be the only voice dedicated exclusively to welfare, profitability, and improvement of the Underground Contractor Industry.

Who We Are: About Us


Meet the Executive Board working to promote our members and our industry.

Zach Fusilier

Zach Fusilier

North Texas Contracting


Zach Fusilier is Co-Owner of North Texas Contracting, an underground utility and concrete contractor based out of Keller, Texas that performs around 175 million dollars of work annually, primarily in the North Texas area.  Zach was the first President of the NUCA North Texas chapter and helped gain the charter from NUCA National.  He has been involved with NUCA since the inception of the Texas Chapter and is currently the President of the NUCA Texas Chapter.  Zach believes in NUCA for many reasons and has been active in OSHA relationship development, trench training events, provided numerous sponsorships for events and has participated in testifying before the Texas Legislature on behalf of NUCA.

chase barker.jpg

Vice President Contractor

Chase Barker

CE Barker, LTD.


Robert Garner


ACE Services


Jimmy Day


Conatser Construction


Laura Trujillo


Ferguson Waterworks

Chris Rowland.jpg

Chris Rowland


AmeriTex Pipe

LA Bankler-Beck.png

LA Bankler-Beck


RAM2 Utilities


Lee Raney


Texas First Rentals

Who We Are: Meet the Team

Vice President Associate

Chad Pendley

U.S. Shoring & Equipment

Marie Rhom.jpeg


Marie Rhom

Buyers Barricades

Robert Farrow 4_edited.jpg

Robert Farrow



Cubby Gillngwater.jpeg

Cubby Gillingwater


Axis Utilities

Chad Wiemers.jpeg

Chad Wiemers


Rinker Pipe

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