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How We Advocate for You


Educating house and senate members about our industry's needs

Government Affairs Committee

We need your support for a unified voice in Austin.
Will you join us?

Our Government Affairs Committee meets virtually the first Thursday of every month to discuss topics and issues relevant to our members. We are currently working toward the 2023 NUCA National Washington Summit.  We want to hear from you, and you do not need to be a member to join our meetings with representatives.


We are here to help your company be successful, and an important part of that is helping to make your voice heard, locally and nationally. If you wish to join the Government Affairs Committee or to share an issue that matters to you, please contact us at


Our state-level focus remains on:

  • Infrastructure Funding as part of the upcoming budget.

  • 88R HB 2334: Exemption from the plumbing licensing law for plumbing work performed on certain private property.

  • Municipality participation in utility locates.

  • and more


NUCA proudly represents our members in Washington, D.C. To amplify our message and influence, NUCA is an active member of several coalitions and business associations with whom we share common interests and goals. We leverage their influence for our members' benefit.

NUCA is an active member of these industry coalitions and business associations:


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